Selecting the landplot

Whether You are looking for a warehouse, production space, an office facility or a retail property – selecting the right landplot plays a huge part in the overall process. Using the holistic approach we are able to analyze the landlplots through many different angles, including the pricing, utilities, road connectivity & nearby traffic. We also understand the importance of city’s masterplan and planned future development and are able to forecast how would a certain property perform on a selected landplot years after the completion.

Calculating the Business Case

Companies are often unsure whether they should own or lease the premises. Our specialists have the experience to ask you all the right questions, including the cost of capital, your exist strategy as well as analyze the opportunity cost. Before confirming the decision we look at all the possible scenarios, including lease, purchase, build to suit or lease-back transactions.

Monitoring the process

Once the landplot and business case is confirmed – the next step is to choose the right partners to execute the project. Our network includes general contractors, developers, architects as well as engineering and project-management companies. Using various tools we are able to create effective reporting and responsibility sharing algorithms, which ensure the processes are effective and any potential risks are captured before actually arising during the construction phase.

Completion & sign-off

Once the construction phase is completed, it is important to assure the proper handover procedures are followed. The needed guarantees shall be in place and the parties agree on the after-case process and how various queries and situations would be solved once the property is commissioned.

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